Sarver Movers


Not feeling those big scary steps on the way up to your 3rd floor apartment? Thinking of saving yourself (and your lower back) the hassle? Call on the best movers in Austin, TX to take that hard work off your hands!

We at Sarver Movers are completely transparent about our pricing. All moves come with a one-time dispatch fee, varying with season and availability, not to exceed $60 for moves within the city of Austin. This fee covers all tools, supplies, trucks, and gas necessary to complete your move. Check out our pricing below!

*Please note, hourly pricing will increase for weekends and end of month.*

2 Sarver Movers


Let two strong, experienced movers do the heavy lifting for you. This option gets you the best movers in Austin, along with the moving truck, tools, and equipment required to do the job. This is typically the best choice for small apartment moves going from a first floor to a first floor apartment.

3 Sarver Movers


This option is typically recommended for customers moving in to or out of a 2nd or 3rd floor apartment – three Sarver Movers will allow one mover to move boxes with a dolly, while the other two movers focus on two man items and packing the truck.

4 Sarver Movers


Large entertainment center? Enormous solid wood desk? When you know you need a fourth mover, you really know you need a fourth mover. This option is not only for big and heavy items that you need moved, but also for apartments that are upwards of 3,500 square feet in size.