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Move to the Brodie: Awesome Apartments in Austin

It’s time for a long overdue shoutout to Ben over at The Brodie! Ben has referred his tenants over to Sarver Movers for when they need help with local moving in Austin. He represents a great community and is an amazing addition to the management team over there at The Brodie.

Are you looking for a great place to live in South Austin? The Brodie has everything you’re looking for and more. It’s pet friendly, has spa-like amenities and luxury finishes in the interiors of each of their apartments. Check out their zen garden hammock area, twenty-four hour fitness center, surround sound media room and incredibly close access to Downtown Austin and the nearby greenbelt. Located in the Southwest part of Austin, they are near so many amazing places such as downtown and the greenbelt. They say “real Austin is still around, it just moved a little further South”, and you can too by linking up with Ben and taking a tour today. If you are an active person and want to enjoy the active lifestyle that Austin has to offer, The Brodie is the right option for you.


They have many move-in ready options for you to pick from at very reasonable prices. Whether you are an individual that just needs a one bedroom apartment to crash at, or a growing family that needs a big two bedroom pad, The Brodie has what you need. With a high rating on Google, there is no better place to rent an apartment in the South Austin area.

We have been lucky enough to work with The Brodie by being a preferred vendor for them this year. They have referred several tenants to us who have needed our help moving into their new apartments. We have an agreement that grants their tenants a 10% discount on all moves with us, as long as they are referred to us by Ben and the team over there at their leasing office. This is a steep discount we only offer to tenants of this complex since they have been such a great partner in South Austin. You can call in to the main phone number at The Brodie to set up a tour. Chances are that it will be Ben who answers the phone. He will be able to walk you through every step of the move in process. He is very easy to talk to, informative, and knowledgeable on all of the available spaces that are for rent there. Visit their website to set up a tour at The Brodie today.


If you are a potential tenant reading this, keep in mind that only the best work with the best. What I mean is, a top tier apartment complex like The Brodie would only work with a top of the line moving company like Sarver Movers. We consider ourselves in the running for best moving company in Austin and we consider The Brodie to be one of the best apartment complexes in South Austin. This is certainly a partnership of high standards and you have to ask yourself, do I want to work with the best? After all, Austin is a top city to move to. If you’ve chosen this as your final destination, you are probably a person who desires quality service. So the likelihood of all three of us being a good fit for each other and having a good experience working together is very high! A top notch person like yourself should try using one of the best moving companies in Austin to move into one of the best apartment complexes in Austin. It just makes sense!


After getting quotes from multiple movers in Austin, you will find that we are right on par with other moving companies in terms of price. Sometimes we are even less expensive, and we provide better service. From covering dressers, boxing all pictures and mirrors up properly, protecting TVs in the right size tv box, to making sure everything is properly boxed up, sealed and ready to go, Sarver Movers has the best pointers and pro tips to keep your household goods safe during your move with us.


So if you want to look into a partnership with a high quality moving company in Austin and a high quality apartment complex, reach out to us and to Ben over at The Brodie. We will go above and beyond by taking care of your every need and answering every question you might have!

Ben from The Brodie and Jessica from Sarver Movers Partner at an Event