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Moving a Couch Safely: Let us Teach you How!

The more we train, the more our customers gain! Staying sharp is a must for both the safety of our movers and your household goods. Below are some photos of one of our team training meetings where we focused on furniture protection. It’s important that our crew members are experts at wrapping all kinds of furniture.

This week, we focused on couch wrapping and protection techniques. We brushed up on how to cover every inch of a couch with moving blankets. We also refreshed on how to use tape to secure the moving blankets tightly to the couch. In addition, we retrained on how to use stretch wrap over it all to make sure the couch is perfectly protected during your local or long distance move.

This is the best way to safely move a couch, especially when navigating through tight hallways or staircases. Recently, our team was able to move a large couch up a narrow spiral staircase. How did they avoid scratching paint off the walls and the finish off the metal staircase? How did they avoid scuffing the couch fabric? By putting our training to good use!

Why is protecting your couch so important? Well, simply put: couches can be an expensive piece of furniture. They are also often the centerpiece of a living room. They can last years and years when taken care of correctly. We’d hate for moving to be the reason you need to buy a new couch. Red wine stains? They aren’t always preventable – accidents happen! But damage while moving your couch shouldn’t be the reason you have to buy a new one.

Not to mention, moving large couches can be difficult depending on the rooms, staircases, and walkways they need to be brought through. Carrying a heavy piece of furniture through tight spaces can result in home damage if not done carefully and correctly. Moving can be very stressful, and fixing walls and paint isn’t a fun extra step to add to a move. If furniture items are carefully protected using our three step method, say goodbye to the extra headache of fixing home blemishes!

Prior to moving your couch, our crew will carefully inspect it for prior damage. This is to ensure both our crew and you are on the same page as to the current condition of your couch. Next, the team will determine the best walkway to carry the couch through, the best angle to carry it, and if they will need to place the couch down to adjust the angle at any point during the process. They will also determine if they need to remove any pieces of the couch, such as couch cushions and pillows. If you have a sectional, recliner, or pull-out couch, they will also take the couch apart as much as possible to make it lighter, easier, and safer to carry.

After inspecting the couch for prior damage and strategizing on the best way to carry the couch, it is protection time. The crew will gather the necessary materials, which include moving blankets, mover’s tape, and plastic stretch wrap. Sometimes, the crew may also elect to use a dolly for the couch. After gathering the materials, the crew will begin following our three step process for couch protection.

First, they will use as many blankets as necessary to cover every inch of the couch. It is best practice to have the blankets overlap, in case they slide at all during the moving process. This ensures the couch stays fully covered. Our teams use premium quality moving blankets that are tough against ripping and tearing. This is necessary when protecting your furniture against damage during the move!

Next, the crew will use mover’s tape to secure the moving blankets in place on the couch. The tape helps to ensure the blankets don’t move, which would expose the couch to potential damage. The tape our crew uses is sticky, but will not leave a residue on furniture, which is perfect for moving couches since it will not leave any marks on the couch. Once the crew feels the blankets are secure in place with tape, they will move onto the final protection step.

The last step to protecting a couch is to cover the entire couch with stretch wrap. The stretch wrap our team uses is a clear plastic, which clings to itself to prevent sliding, and is an added layer of protection. Using stretch wrap on top of the moving blankets ensures that your couch stays protected throughout the entire move.

Finally, it’s time to move the couch! The crew will move the couch through the identified pathway, ensuring to take care in narrow hallways and stairways. Once they have brought the couch outside of your home, they will load the couch onto the truck. Depending on what other items you have going, they will pack the truck efficiently. They will make sure to not load anything on top of the couch that could cause damage. Oftentimes, they will use ratchet straps or rope to secure the couch in place while it rides to your final destination in the truck.

Once the crew arrives at your final destination, they will unload the truck, including your couch. Prior to moving any large items such as your couch, the crew will also do an inspection of your new home to determine the best route to carry the couch through. Once they’ve come up with a plan, they will deliver your couch into your new home, in whichever location you instruct them to set it down.

They will then remove the stretch wrap, tape, and moving blankets from your couch and reassemble it to your satisfaction. They will inspect the couch for any unlikely damage, and double check with you that you’re happy with where it is placed in the room. Our crew wants you to be satisfied with your move and is always willing to make furniture adjustments. In fact, many consider themselves to be pseudo-interior designers, since they do this day in and day out and have seen many living room configurations!

In summary, it is extremely important to protect furniture, including couches, during a move. Our crew follows a simple three step process to minimize damage to your home and your couch, as well as your other items during transit on our moving trucks. Taking a little extra time to create a move plan and protect your furniture will make all the difference to your move.

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