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Moving Due to Home Insurance Claims

Here’s a couple of action shots of our movers hard at work! We’ve been assigned to a large 4 bedroom house in the Dripping Springs area. This move requires a full day of packing our customer’s household goods into boxes and a second day of moving all of our customer’s items into our warehouse. They will be stored there for a week or so while a team of remodeling experts repair damaged flooring and paint from a burst water pipe

These types of moves are covered by insurance and allow us to perform the move for a predetermined price. We call this a binding quote, which means we make a flat-rate deal with our customer before we even start. In this case, we agree on the binding quote with the insurance company. It’s nice to know exactly what your move will cost before even starting! This type of pricing is available to all of our customers, all you have to do is ask!

Sarver Movers has been working with insurance agencies, government institutions, and large corporations, like Home Depot, for years now. We perform flat-rate warehouse moves, flat-rate office moves, and other flat-rate jobs in a pay-as-you-go structure. This means we can perform the first part of a move for you or your company, receive payment for those services rendered, then continue on to complete the rest of your move at a later date.

For this particular move, we will finish both the first and second part of this move with only a week of storage in between. Contact us for more information on what type of payment structures are available for jobs offered by Sarver Movers, your favorite Austin movers.

This has been an easy job for our team and we look forward to completing the second half. We will load everything back into our trucks from our large warehouse near downtown Austin in a week or so when the contractors are finished remodeling the customer’s home. When they’re done with their renovations, we will put everything back into its place where it belongs.

We take pride in performing a full service walkthrough at the end of every job in order to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. This means we are only done with a job after we have checked with the homeowner that every single piece of furniture is back in its place it needs to be!

Call Sarver Movers today if you need assistance with moving your items in the greater Austin area during a home insurance claim. We’re ready to help!

Mover moving boxes with dolly
Two movers packing boxes