Sarver Movers

Sarver Movers will always take great care of your furniture in any and every scenario. The only thing we will take care of better than your furniture is our employees! In order to do this we have decided to give our crews the proper tools they will need to keep their bodies in great shape and make sure that everyone is safe. We have teamed up with Sean McEachern of East Austin Jiu Jitsu Parlor to provide a training day on not only moving furniture the correct way, but also on best practices on proper lifting. We want to stay up to date on best practices for lifting your furniture so we can stay healthy before, during, and after performing your local Austin move. Sean was nice enough to school us on how to properly lift a variety of items. He showed us the proper way to lift heavy items by looking up, lifting with our legs instead of our back and keeping our backs straight as we lift. He also taught us to tighten our core and our frame when lifting by taking a deep breath. This is excellent advice and will surely keep our movers in Austin nice and safe while on the job.


Sean is the certified physical therapist over at East Austin Jiu Jitsu Parlor and he’s always ready to give advice on preventing injuries and answer any question you may have. We encourage you to support a local Austin business and learn a great skill in self defense at the same time by venturing out to the east side of Austin and signing up for a class at East Austin Jiu Jitsu Parlor. If you do, you will definitely get a chance to meet Sean who can teach you how to protect yourself on the mat and protect your body by showing you preventative ways to move your body in your everyday life, as well as exercises that will help prevent injuries. These lessons on proper lifting will help those of you who lift at the gym, lift for a living, or even just lift things around the house.


If you don’t have the chance to go to East Austin Jiu Jitsu Parlor, there is no better place to learn about proper lifting techniques than the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website. OSHA did get its name, afterall, by being the designated authority on enforcing rules for businesses to have policies in place that help prevent workplace injuries. There is a wealth of information that OSHA provides that can be used by movers in Austin, as well as anyone who lifts heavy objects for a living, for learning how to ergonomically lift. The information on this website is some of the most important information we, as a moving company in Austin, could ever have and put to use. While there is no specific standard in ergonomic lifting set by OSHA, they still require employers to have some training in place in order to help mitigate possible injuries that could happen in the workplace. Just as important as being aware of proper lifting techniques is having the right equipment available to lessen the load on your back. Sarver Movers owns all types of dollies that can be used to move everything in the household. At this moving company, lifting something without the proper piece of equipment is only allowed as a last resort option. 


Aside from properly lifting an item, having a plan as to where the item will go after lifting it is equally important. We train our movers to have a defined area to place the item set out before they lift the heavy object. After coming up with a plan, clearing a path is the next crucial step to safely moving a heavy item. We will make sure that we have moved any smaller items, trash, or pieces of carpet or rug that may be folded up and a tripping hazard, out of the way. Once this is done, we can now safely apply our proper lifting techniques to the lifting of this object and move it down our cleared path to its pre-designated area. Then, our movers can proceed to start their process of strapping items to the wall of the truck or add more protection to the surface of the item if need be. To find out more about our moving services, visit our website.


If you are interested in proper lifting procedures and feel the need to get more online training, OSHA also offers an online training course. It’s a self paced course so there’s no rush in completing the material and it is mobile friendly so you can easily finish learning the information from your phone. For more information on OSHA guidelines on proper ways to lift, check out some helpful tips on proper lifting technique.