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Are you in need of a storage solution that is both secure and affordable? Look no further than Sarver Movers and Storage. We offer rental vaults that are 5′ by 7′ by 7 and perfect for storing your belongings safely and securely. Our vaults are sturdy, inside and protected by a 24-hour security system. We have a one-time vaulting fee of only $79.00, making our services more affordable than self-storage options. Contact us today to learn more about our rental vaults and how they can benefit you!

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Professional Storage Services

Our Storage vaults are securely stored in a climate-controlled environment that is billed on a monthly basis. When crating your prized possessions, they’re indoor in our secure 24-hour surveillance warehouse the entire time. Our storage solution is also great for special event storage for ACL, SXSW, Texas Rodeo, and all other Austin related festivals and activities.

Don’t waste another day struggling with self-storage. Contact Sarver Movers today and let us take care of your storage and warehousing needs. We’re here to help you grow your business!

Vaulting + Crating Austin TX

Monthly Storage

Sarver movers is an affordable storage solution for your business and prized possessions. It’s hard to get rid of items that have sentimental value especially if you’re looking for a bigger place. Let Sarver Movers help bridge the gap with our monthly storage plan.

Our storage is perfect for long-term or short-term storage.

We understand that not everyone is moving out of state, but sometimes you need to store things for a significant other or a friend. If this is the case, our storage vaults are perfect for your needs! Our vaults are spacious and can hold as many items as needed, making them ideal for storing larger items such as furniture. Contact us today to learn more about our storage vaults and how they can benefit you!

Sarver Movers and Storage offers the best solution for your storage needs by providing safe, secure, and affordable rental vaults right here in Austin, TX.

Thank you for choosing Sarver Movers and Storage as your storage solution provider! Our rental vaults are the perfect solution for your storage needs, please call us today for a quote.

  • Climate Controlled
  • Available Vaulting
  • Monthly Storage Options
    Monthly Storage Options
  • Affordable rates
  • Vaulting + Crating
  • Indoor
  • Secure 24 hour camera surveillance
  • Special Event Storage
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