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Best Moving Company in Austin

Movers are often the first people you meet when you move to a new state and we want you to have a great first impression of Texas. The best way to do that is to work with the best movers in Austin. Don’t trust just any moving company in Austin, work with the professional movers here at Sarver Movers. From local to long distance, we are highly rated online, and highly motivated to move you into your new home or business today.

Best Movers In Austin 

We uphold our promise to remain completely transparent about our pricing from the time you call, til it’s time to pay the bill. All moves come with a one-time dispatch fee, varying with season and availability, not to exceed $60 for moves within the city of Austin. This covers all tools, supplies, trucks, and gas necessary to complete your move. Check out our pricing below!

*Please note, hourly pricing will increase for weekends and end of month.*

Two movers and a truck


Let two strong, qualified movers do the heavy lifting for you. This is typically the best choice for small apartment moves.

Three movers and a truck


From relocating out of your 2nd or 3rd floor apartment, to moving out of your 1 or 2 bedroom home – three Sarver Movers will have your home moved quickly and efficiently.

Four movers and a truck


Recommended for 4+ bedroom home moves and 3rd floor apartment moves with heavy items. These four movers will get your belongings safely moved.

Best Movers In Austin

Here’s a Pro-Tip for ya… The best movers in Austin also have the best recommendations. Check out EcoBox for a great place to get access to more affordable boxes in the Austin area. They have all the packing supplies necessary to make sure your move goes well.

Need moving labor or other moving services? Loading or unloading your moving truck or storage pod? Allow Sarver Movers to handle your move whether or not it requires a moving truck.

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