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Our Process

An Upfront Moving Company in Austin. In addition to being 100% transparent with our customers, we aim to provide the smoothest moving experience possible.

An Austin Moving Company

As a great Austin moving company, when you book with Sarver Movers, you are sure to have a smooth move. We recommend taking the time to look at our process below so you know what to expect when you move with the best movers in Austin!

  • Call in to our main line at 512-596-9696. Get a quote from our sales experts in the form of a written estimate. Attached to this estimate is a $100, non-refundable deposit that must be paid prior to the move.
  • Review the important information included in the estimate. Check the date and time of your move, physical addresses, and contact information. Review the “Your Rights and Responsibilities” pamphlet that every moving company in Texas must send to their customers.
  • If you choose us as your movers in Austin, sign the estimate and then pay the $100 deposit. This deposit allows you to secure a specific move date and arrival window.
  • The dat before your move, we’ll reach out to make sure you’re completely packed up and ready to move. This is the time to let us know if anything has changed for your move!
  • On the day of your move, you’ll receive a phone call from our crew with our ETA to your first location. You’ll get another call when they have arrived to mark the start of your move.
  • Our crew will do a brief initial walkthrough of your home to create a move plan. They will get your signature on the contract stating we’re starting your move. They will then wrap and disassemble the furniture as needed, and load the moving truck full of your belongings.
  • We’ll drive to your final location and unload the truck. Upon unloading the last item, you and our crew will do a final walkthrough of the truck and the ending location.
  • Once we’ve confirmed everything is put back together and in place, the crew will get two final signatures for your contract and take payment of the remaining balance using our software. You may also tip your movers at this time!
  • It’s as simple as that! We thank YOU for choosing Sarver Movers and we look forward to your next move!

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